Our Showroom is a Vault

When CTR Firearms first opened, we opted to store all our firearms in a safe every evening. Handling every single gun in the shop every morning and night proved to be a task, and with the recent string of gun shop burglaries, we decided to up our game! Our showroom is constructed with 12 gauge steel under 3/4 inch, tongue-and-groove roof sheeting. The outer walls are reinforced concrete block, and the outside windows of the shop have new bulletproof glass.

Our initial investment of roughly $35,000 to build our showroom is not only to protect our product, but also for the safety of the community.In recent times, there have been many FFL burglaries nationwide resulting in thousands of stolen firearms. We feel it is our duty to prevent the firearms that we sell from getting into the wrong hands. It is our mission to go above-and-beyond the the specifications for the new proposed bill that mandates gun shop owners to lock and secure their firearms in safes or cabinets at night. This bill that we support states:

“Any person who engages in the retail commercial sale or transfer of firearms shall ensure, when the place of business is unattended, that all firearms that are located in the place of business are placed in a safe, in a locked steel gun cabinet, or on a locked hardened steel rod or cable that runs through the trigger guards. The person shall ensure that the safe, cabinet, rod, or cable is anchored in a manner that prevents its removal from the place of business.”

It is our aspiration to see other gun shops follow suit and increase their security for the safety of our community. Hopefully we can work together to increase the protection against criminal activity, and the theft of firearms.